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  • When and where is the wedding taking place?
    Our wedding will be held on the last weekend of June 2024 in Arcevia, a charming town located in the province of Ancona, Italy.
  • How can guests RSVP and confirm their attendance?
    To confirm your attendance, please visit our RSVP page on the website and fill out the form. We kindly request that you RSVP by 01/02/24
  • What is the dress code for the wedding?
    The dress code for our wedding is suit and tie for men and for women we only ask NOT to wear anything black or white. for the second day the dress code is casual chique. but above al we want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy the celebration. ps: free high fives and cuddles for everyone in a Bordoni suit!
  • Are there any recommended accommodations in Arcevia or nearby?
    We have curated a list of recommended accommodations in Arcevia and the surrounding area. Please visit our travel and stay page for more information.
  • How do guests arrange transportation to and from the wedding venue?
    Transportation to the wedding venue will be the responsibility of the guests. We recommend renting a car or utilizing local taxi services. Directions will be provided on the website. From 11 pm until 4 am however, we will provide a shuttle service to make sure everybody who drove themselves to the venue gets back to their hotel safe.
  • Will there be any pre- or post-wedding events? If so, what are the details?
    We have planned a hangover brunch the next day to spend more time together. Please check the schedule page for the complete schedule and additional details.
  • Are children allowed at the wedding? Is there any specific information for parents?
    While we adore children, we kindly request that our wedding celebration be an adults-only event. We appreciate your understanding and hope this allows parents to enjoy a night off and fully partake in the festivities.
  • Are there any dietary restrictions or special meal requests for the wedding reception?
    Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or special meal requests during the RSVP process. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.
  • What is the weather typically like in Arcevia during late June?
    Arcevia enjoys lovely weather during late June, with warm temperatures and abundant sunshine. However, we recommend checking the local forecast closer to the wedding date.
  • Are there any nearby attractions or activities that guests can explore during their visit?
    Arcevia and its surroundings offer numerous attractions and activities for our guests to enjoy. Please visit our travel and stay page for recommendations and suggestions.
  • Will there be any suggested wedding gifts or a registry?
    Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift we could ask for, and your love and support mean the world to us. If you wish to contribute to our future together your contribution would be sincerely appreciated. However, please know that we are simply grateful to have you join us on our special day.
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